• How to Remain Productive While Traveling

    Posted on July 8, 2011 by JoyBolluyt in Business, Cyber Tips, Productivity, Project Management, Systemizing Your Business, Tools of the Trade.

    It’s always great to get away from your every day routine, experience a new city, new food and new shopping. Although you want to enjoy yourself while you’re away, if you are self-employed, you may have certain commitments that you have to meet even when on the road.  Here are some suggested tools to help you be productive and less stressed away from your home computer.

    Gmail is a great web-based email system that you can access anywhere you can access the web.  All of your contacts are there, as well as your neatly organized folders, and emptied “Priority Inbox”.   And with your Google account, there’s also the Calendar function.  Did you know that Google can email your calendar to you?  Once that’s set up, you’ll be able to keep on top of your day!

    Another great web-based product is myClientSpot.  This program keeps track of practically everything.  It tracks your tasks, who they’re assigned to and how much time is spent on each task for each project for each client. You can share files and calendars. It also keeps track of who’s updating a file and when it’s updated.  It enables you to quickly see who’s doing what task/project.  You can even have multiple people working on the same project. And that’s not all!  It allows you to track conversations about the task or project and make them either visible to all or private to a specific person. And finally, it helps you manage your client data.  All this can be accomplished on your laptop in the airport, in your hotel room, or even poolside.  In fact, you can do most of this on your Smartphone, so you may want to leave the laptop in your room.

    A Thumb drive/flash drive is also a necessity, especially if you have two computers.  You can keep files or programs handy, and easily move between the two.

    Or, you can use Dropbox instead.  This program safely guards your data and allows you to access it and share it with others. Imagine how easy it is to upload your vacation photos, and then grant access to your Aunt.  You know you took a lot of pictures…..Doesn’t that sound faster than trying to send them by email?  You betcha!

    A very good non-tech idea was shared at Beaconfire.com, by Kristin and Kesah, project managers:  “…Another consideration is to identify a backup contact for your clients while you are out of the office; they can help keep things moving and keep your other clients happy.”

    And finally, if you want even more tips, check out Top 10 Tactics for Productive Travel, Kevin Purdy.  Happy Travels!

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